The most ancient and historically renowned temple “Azhakodi Devi Mahashekthram ”, has its diety in the form of “Bhadrakali” in a calm disposition. The temple consists of seven maternal incarnation-brahamani, maheshwari, kowmari, vaishanavi, vaarahi, indarni and chamundi. A sivalinga is also present.

There is a legend behind this temple, that the samoothiri entrusted six of his generals to the temple “Arikkodikkavu” which is presently renowned as Azhakodi Devi mahashekthram.

An idol of “Bhavani Devi” was also given by the samoothiri which was gifted to him by the traders of Gujarat. The generals were instructed to place the idol adjacent to the “Bhagavathi Idol” in the “Arikkodikkavu” sreekovil and worship the same.

During the end of lord Krishna’s era, “Dwaraka” was believed to be fully washed away by the sea and it is also believed that the Idol of “Bhavani Devi” was also consumed by the sea along with the rest of “Dwaraka”.

The temple till 1965 known as “Arikkodikkavu” was later renamed as “Azhakodi Devi Mahashekthram”.

During the Malayalam month of “Medom”, Kodiyettem is celebrated on the “Uthrattadi Nakshathram”. Pallivetta is celebrated on the “Thiruvathira Nakshathram”, and “Arrattu” is conducted on the “Punartham Nakshathram”. “Bhagavatha Saptaham” is also conducted every year. The other festivals are “Navarathri Mahotsavam” and “Vijayadasami Pooja”.

This beautiful and glorious temple is situated at Thiruthiyad which is at the heart of the Kozhikode city. This temple is governed by the elected members who are enthusiastic, dedicated in all the functions of the temple .

The Malabar Devaswom Board has a direct access towards the day to day activities of the temple.

All the work undertaken is carried out with quality consiousness and with a sense of obligation to the society.