The presiding diety at ‘Sri Azhakodi Devi Maha Kshethram’ is Devi in the form of ‘Bhadrakali’ in a calm disposition. To her right is goddess ‘Bhuvaneswari’ and to her left are the seven maternal incarnations’ Brahmani, Maaheshwari, Kowmari, Vaishnavi, Vaarahi, Indrani and Chamundi. A sivalinga too is pressent.

The moolamantra of Sri Azhakodi Devi Maha Kshethram

Ghalagam kapalam thrishiyam cha khedam
Bhujairdhanam shishuchandra bhoosham
Bhujanga mair bhooshithakaanthedechaam
Kaleem navaam’ bhodhanibham namami

‘Bhadrakali’ bedecked with Sword, Kapalam, Trident, Crescent Moon, and Snake; and as fair as a new cloud is the incarnation at ‘Azhakodi Devi Mahashekthram’. Devi blesses her devotees with long lasting married life. She protects her devotees from enemies and she bestows knowledge.


Lord ‘Shastha’ along with his wife ‘Prabha’, son ‘Sathyakan’ and decorated in red is the diety here. To his right is ‘Dhakshinamurthi’ and to his left is the elephant god, ‘Ganapathi’.

Meditating lord Dhakshinamurthi

Having lost his wife ‘Sati’ in ‘Dhakshayaga’ lord ‘Shiva’ meditated. Dhakshinamurthi is the meditative form of Lord Shiva.


‘Ganapathi’ is the son of lord ‘Shiva’ and ‘Parvathi’. His Idols are present at the Agnikone of the Devi’s shrine and also adjacent to that of lord ‘Shastha’.


‘Thripuras’, the demons, pleased lord ‘Shiva’ and gained powers that made them unconquerable. When they started abusing their mighty powers, lord ‘Shiva’ through his third eye gave form to an incarnation that reduced the ‘Tripuras’ to ashes. This incarnation of lord ‘Shiva’, ‘Unnithripurandakan’ presides here.


Lord ‘Shiva’, posing as a dancer at dusk is known as ‘Anthimahakalan’.


The child of ‘Devaki’ and ‘Vasudeva’ in his ‘Venugopala’ form (the cowherd who carries a flute) is the deity here. ‘Ashtamirohini’ and guruvayoor Ekadesi are observed here.


‘Kizhakkekavu’ (the kavu on the east) houses ‘Kali’ the goddess who protects us is believed to be the deity at the ‘Kizhakkekavu’.